Back Like I Never Left


It’s been a minute.

A lot has transpired since my last blog post on my website. I sort of let my website “die” a couple years ago, partially because I wasn’t sure what I was doing with it, and partially because I wasn’t doing a ton of photography outside of photos of my daughter. The need to get the work out there is back.

Part of the motivation came because I recently upgraded my equipment, making the switch to a Fuji mirrorless camera, the XT-2. This camera is amazing. It has physical dials for ISO and shutter speed and with the X-Mount lenses that have an aperture ring, it operates so much like a film camera, allowing you to observe the scene first and lock in an exposure without pressing a bunch of buttons or relying on a click wheel. But the real “cheat code” is the Electronic Viewfinder or EVF. Being able to see the final product before even pressing the shutter release is almost unfair and should be reserved for seasoned shooters, it’s that good. One of the best decisions I ever made was to upgrade from my trusty but “ancient” Nikon D3100. (More than half of my book was shot with the Nikon.) My images have more “pop” and detail than I realized was missing from my past work. I would recommend any budding shooter to just go test out new gear every once in a while and see what’s out there. You may find your new favorite toy.

Fancy, new gear doesn’t make you a better photographer but outdated gear can keep you from being as good as you can be.


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