Life sometimes throws you for a loop. For all the planned events that go off without a hitch, you have those times where the winds of change blow you in a different direction. After living in Colorado for the past 7 years, the time has come for my family and I to relocate closer to home. Being that most of my immediate family lives in Kansas, we’ve always had a feeling we would be closer to home eventually. This move feels different though. More sudden, but definitely not a “knee-jerk” decision. Today, I’m feeling very nostalgic regarding my time in CO. I came to finish school, and not only gained a decent education but a slew of super quality friends and acquaintances. I grew closer with my partner and started a family. Bought a home, made a decent living managing a dispensary at the beginning of the “green rush”. I had lots of wins, a few losses, and overall learned more about what LIVING means.

The plan is to move to Kansas City and get my bearings. I’m familiar with the city but from what I hear, I definitely need a refresher. Once I get a few things figured out, I’m hitting the ground running.

Its been way too real Colorado.


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